Tyler in Wake up'
Vital statistics
Title Tyler
Gender Male
Species Human
Origin 5zer02
Alignment Good
Alias Tyler
Status Alive
Location Normalverse
Tyler is the secondary protagonist in the Slender / ARG series, 5zer02.

Story Edit

Season 1 Edit

Tyler, Xakk, and Gavin originally started the 5zer02 channel to be a guide to the city and area around Louisville, Kentucky. Immediately the videos are plagued with audio and visual problems. During Xakk's absence, Tyler becomes the main protagonist of Season 1. At first, his main goal is to find Xakk, but during the few times Xakk appears as a threat while he is missing, Tyler's goal immediately changes to finding any clues as to what is going on. He even begins to get obsessed with filming everything around him at one point.

When Xakk returns to normal, Tyler is the one to find him and let him stay at his house. Tyler even convinces Gavin to accept Xakk's return after his temporary possession. Tyler is there when Gavin's brother, Josh, is killed and taken by the Slender Man.

Season 2 Edit

Tyler is still living with Xakk, although he is bothered by Xakk's determination to continue filming. Tyler finds Xakk after he is grazed by a bullet with Kayla, who Xakk claims he had just met. Tyler and Xakk help Gavin out of his isolated depression on his birthday by taking him out for fun, but Kayla goes missing, causing Xakk to leave the gang to go out on his own journey. Tyler and Gavin aren't seen or heard from again.

Season 3 Edit

Given their shortened story, its likely both Gavin and Tyler will be in the upcoming Season 3.