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"Masky" is considered a pawn of Totheark.

"Hoody" is considered to be the leader of totheark.

totheark is a YouTube channel run by an unknown individual (or individuals), which serves as a side account to the main channel in Marble Hornets. The channel contains a mass of cryptic videos, which are full of codes, imagery, and symbolism. While the channel's true purpose is unknown, it is known to have some sort of connection to the Operator. totheark was the first "Proxy account" in the slenderverse, although it is debatable whether the proxy name is truly applicable. There are 3 members of totheark. Masky (Tim), Hoodie (Brian) and the original 3rd member, Seth.

The Videos[]

There are 32 totheark videos to date. The style of said videos differ as time goes on.

  1. Regards
  2. Operator
  3. Deluge
  4. Impurity
  5. Exit
  6. Program
  7. Advocate
  8. Addition
  9. Signal
  10. Messages - At this point, Jay(From Marble Hornets) acknowledges Totheark's existance.
  11. Return
  12. Version
  13. Attention
  14. Admission
  15. Warning
  16. Fragments - Arguably the best TTA video in terms of jump scares.
  17. Broadcast
  18. Sidetone
  19. Forecast
  20. Intermission
  21. Indicator
  22. Memories
  23. Inquiry
  24. Classified
  25. Sidenote - Sidenote and Sidetone may have a connection.
  26. Extraction
  27. Reminder
  28. Decay
  29. Session
  30. Reference
  31. observation - The only TTA video to start with a lower case letter.
  32. Isolation