Tatiana Schwartz
Vital statistics
Title TJ
Gender Female
Species Human
Origin TJAProjects
Alignment Good
Alias TJ
Status Deceased
Location Normalverse

Tatiana Schwartz (or "TJ") is the main protagonist of the Slender/ARG series, TJAProjects.

Summary Edit Edit

TJ is a 19 year old single mom and a nursing/film student who lives with her brother, her daughter (Dahlia), and Amy. After being told of slender man she decided to make their film final about the subject. She initially blames the strange occurences on Jake (who is later revealed as her daughter's father) and his friends playing a practical joke on them, but it's discovered that he has gone missing.

After exhausting every possible rational explanation, she slowly comes to terms with the fact they are dealing with something unnatural. In The Stares to No Where, TJ finds a bloody doll head in Dahlia's crib with a message inside. She is the first person to encounter the blind creature, crawling up the stairs towards her.