Stephen Patrick
Stephen in 2/6'
Vital statistics
Title Stephen Patrick
Gender Male
Species Human
Origin The Angel's Game
Alignment Good
Alias The Collector
Status Absorbed (The Angel's Game);

Unknown (APCollection)

Location The Rift

Stephen Patrick was a friend of Josh Harris. During the Angel's Game, he was given the role of "the Collector".

Angel's Game Universe Edit

The Angel's Game Edit

Stephen was told about the Angel's Game by his friends, Josh Rallus and Austin Bradley, after questioning them about what why they were carrying cameras, much to the protest of Alana Hudson. They also told him about the Dweller, an entity living within Josh's body, and the Creature, a malevolent entity who was the Dweller's enemy. Now a part of the Game, Stephen was given the role of "the Collector" by the Dweller, with his purpose being picking up the pieces once the Game had ended. However, the Dweller would later tell Stephen that there was no longer any need for a Collector.

Although he survived through to the end of the Game, Stephen's mind was ultimately assimilated by the Collector, an entity born from the Dweller's power that Emet Rotter had placed inside of him.

APCollection Universe Edit

APCollection/HisCollector Edit

The alternate universe's version of Stephen was one of Mr. Collector's six chosen targets in his Game. Stephen's friend, Tyler Greene, was killed while at Stephen's house by Collector, who possessed the body of his alternate self. Stephen later accompanied Austin when he met up with Collector, although he did not approach his alternate self. Stephen later disappeared, with the last known recording of him being the video '2/6'. The video's title may imply that he was killed, either by Collector or the Slender Man.

Notes Edit

  • After becoming Mr. Collector, the Stephen of the Angel's Game universe mentioned on his blog that his dad didn't let him have any pets and that he would often go to the homes of his friends as they all had cats. Despite this, the Stephen of the APCollection universe owns a dog.