Simon Bennett
Simon in The Den'
Vital statistics
Title Simon
Gender Male
Species Human
Origin TalesFromTheSpidersWeb
Alignment Good
Alias Simon
Status Alive
Location Normalverse

Simon is a main protagonist of the TalesFromTheSpidersWeb Series.

Summary Edit

Simon was originally a minor recurring character in the series, until his deadline debut in "The Den." He seemed a bit reluctant to believe anything going on with the channel, either that or he didn't want to get involved, until he found a strange note in a strange fort in the middle of a field within his neighborhood that said "REGRET". This note was presumably meant for him, as David and Jesse received their own.

Appearances Edit

In Halloween Footage Part 1, Jesse, David, Simon, and Chance are in the back-room of the auditorium moving woodwork. He talks and jokes around and seems ambiguous to David's strange actions whilst filming. He may have been the one coughing throughout the footage.

In Some Background Assistance, Jesse and Simon receive the passwords to David's YouTube and Twitter. In the video description, David adds that he did this 'in case something happens'.

Simon reappears in the video, December, hanging out with David in the back-room of the auditorium.

Simon appears as the main protagonist in The Den, walking with Jesse in his neighborhood and talking with him about the channel, as Simon says that he doesn't "buy into it". This is either him not believing in David's encounters, or him discretely saying he doesn't want to get involved. The two stumble across a strange tree area that contains old furniture and junk, along with a note saying "REGRET". Jesse mentions that he had received a similar note saying "NO MORE". The two catch sight of Mr. Plastic onlooking in the bushes, and run away. They are later seen talking in what seems to be Simon's house, questioning the events that had just happened and looking over the pages. David then stops by the house, as they mention that they had invited him over earlier. Simon explains what had happened as David catches Simon up with the recent events that had happened on the channel. The three look over the notes, and decide that they stay at Simon's house. The video abruptly ends.

Facts Edit

  • Simon seems to be the most realistic of the three main characters, judging by his actions dealing with Mr. Plastic's attack in The Den.