Sam in Session Thirty-Eight: Summoning'
Vital statistics
Title Sam
Gender Female
Species Human
Origin 0nemoresoul2thecall
Alignment Good
Alias Sam
Status Alive
Location Normalverse

Sam is one of the main protagonists of the Slender / ARG series, 0nemoresoul2thecall.

Summary Edit

At the beginning of the series, Sam is a college student doing a research project on the urban legend known as the Slender Man. Her and her girlfriend, Cass, head to various locations until their friend helping them, Alison, is found murdered. Sam is then blackmailed by an unknown person, leading her to a morgue where she is possessed by a mysterious evil entity. The entity then tortures Cass, saying it was supposed to possess her rather than Sam.

Sam then uploads a video saying she doesn't remember anything. She is then attacked by the Slender Man and found by Cass later on. The two decide to retrace their steps and search for answers in the locations used for Sam's research. There, they find their friend Alison, who gives them a stick and disappears.