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Noah Maxwell
Noah Catharsis.jpg
Noah in Catharsis'
Vital statistics
Title Noah
Gender Male
Species Human
Origin TribeTwelve
Alignment Good
Alias Noah
Status Alive
Location Normalverse

Noah Maxwell is the main protagonist of TribeTwelve.


Noah was born on November 11, 1991. He was being stalked by the Slender Man ever since he was young. In 2008, his cousin, Milo Asher came to his house and Noah filmed it until he left. Milo acted extremely odd and paranoid while he was there. In 2010, he opened the TribeTwelve account on YouTube for the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The project was cancelled and the new project was uploading the footage from 2008. He figured out what the source of it was, and had seen a pattern: Distortion in the footage, then Milo would run away.