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Michael Andersen
Michael Andersen in Video Journal 2'
Vital statistics
Title Michael Lukas Andersen
Gender Male
Species Human
Origin MLAndersen
Alignment Neutral
Alias Michael, Patrick
Status Alive
Location Normalverse

Michael Andersen is the main protagonist in MLAndersen0.


When he was eight, Michael and his younger brother, Shaun, discovered a grandfather clock, which was covered in strange carvings, in an open clearing in the woods and smashed its glass with their baseball bats. Michael later returned on his own and stole the clock's hands, which resembled tree branches. The next thing he could remember, Michael was being accused of attacking his brother, who had a broken leg and several cuts on his arm. Although he believed the tall, faceless figure that the two brothers had seen on several occasions to be responsible, Shaun denied the being's existence to their parents. As a result, Michael was placed into a psychiatric hospital, only seeing his family on occasion.

At one point, Michael was transferred to the Overlook Psych Ward in Vermont when his family moved to that area of the country. Michael stayed in the same hall as Stormy and the two became friends. After about a month, Michael started to change. He began calling himself "Patrick" and blackmailing the staff with information thought to be unobtainable. He was also known to discuss the tall man in the suit at times.

After sixteen years, Michael was finally discharged from psychiatric care. Michael then began filming video journals at the request of his doctor, Elliot Mantle. However, he later discovered that said doctor had apparently never existed.