Fanart depicting Kript

Kript's Tale is a newer generation spinoff of the slenderman mythos. The series is a "dark, and violent" take on the standard slenderseries. The main character is Kript, a mysterious, powerful, "Agent" that wears a black mask and carries a variety of powers and weapons. The series is in a mild ARG format, with a mild crossover to the blog Melanchandria .


Kript himself is an "inhuman" (ex)Agent of "The Agency". Kript speaks with an overlayed voice, 1 low pitched, and 1 standard. This voice effect seems to be caused by his mask, for in the video [DIRGE{Nidus}] Kript supposedly removes his mask, and speaks without an overlay.

After [DIRGE]{Nidus} Kript dies(arguable) from a gunshot and comes back later with a "Changed face".

The ElementsEdit

Within Kript's Tale, any being of supernatural prowess or special Agents are classified into "Elements". This is a compiled list of known/shown Elements.

  1. Element 1 resembles the Slenderman, though he has a darkened face. Other Agents seem to either revere, or fear Element 1.
  2. "Ghost boy". Element 2 was only shown in a single video and for less than 10 seconds. Ghost boy disappeared from view as soon as a car passed it.
  3. Verruckt/Feral. Element 3 is either Kript's rival or enemy. Introduced in his own video, and shown in the present in Disruption.
  • Element 21-Kript himself.