Jay Merrick
Jay in Entry #23'
Vital statistics
Title Jay
Gender Male
Species Human
Origin Marble Hornets
Alignment Good
Alias Jay
Status Deceased
Location Normalverse

Jay Merrick was the main protagonist of the Marble Hornets ARG.

History Edit

Originally brought in as the main cameraman for Marble Hornets, he began to catalog the strange occurrences, notably Alex and his mental breakdown. After watching the tapes that showed the odd events, Jay continued searching for answers, leading to several sights and encounters with an individual known as The Operator and various people caught in its existence.

During Entry #83 Tim's search for Jay finally comes to an end as he encounters Jay, now dead with a bullet wound as he was teleported to various locations. His body was surrounded by pieces of paper with the Operator symbol on them, and a note that read "YOUR FAULT". Assuming Hoodie was responsible, Tim goes after him to get revenge for Jay's murder.

Personality Edit

Jay was a very determined individual who seemed to give out a great deal of effort into figuring out what was going on, with repeated ventures into areas he had seen The Operator in before, alone. Like Alex, he videotaped himself constantly, although this was more to keep his thoughts intact as well as keep a record of his accounts due to many different lapses of memory. He did show coughing fits, lapses in time, amnesia, and many odd symptoms assumed to be prolonged exposure to The Operator.