Date Started

May 29, 2011 (HisCollector)
July 26, 2011 (APCollection)


Slender Man
The Collector
The Dreamer
The Creature
Emet Rotter



HisCollector and APCollection (short for A Pretentious Collection) are two parts of an ARG blog/video series set in the Slender Man Mythos. The series continues the events of The Angel's Game and introduces the Slender Man into the plot. It also moves away from some of the supernatural elements of the previous series and makes use of the concepts of alternate universes and Dimensional Bleeding, which were established in Observe and Terminate. The events of the series continue in Veil of Inquiry.


After the events of the Angel's Game, Stephen Patrick's sanity is slipping. In time, he begins murdering other for his own enjoyment as a serial killer known as "Mr. Collector". One night, the Slender Man appears before him and transports him to an alternate universe, where he continues his killing spree. Following dreams given to him by the tall man, as well as his own intuition, he meets a fellow serial killer named Faceless and comes into contact with the Slender Man Division, which wishes to see him dead.

When Collector returns to his "home" in the alternate universe, he discovers alternate versions of Josh and his friends, who are preparing to start a video project. Collector decides that he will kill them himself in a new Game of his own. Josh is then forced to deal with the threat of Collector, as well as the strange occurrences taking place around him, which are seemingly tearing time and space apart.

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