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Dark Harvest
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Date Started

November 26, 2010


Slender Man
The Order



Dark Harvest (also referred to as DarkHarvest00; sometimes abbreviated as DH or DH00) is a video series with ARG elements set in the Slender Man Mythos. It was the first Slender Man video series to deal with the concept of a Slender Man-focused cult. Dark Harvest is one of the top five most popular Slender Man video series.


Chris begins filming strange occurences taking place around his home, suspecting it to be the work of a supernatural entity. He informs Alex, a friend of his, who is curious about the supposedly paranormal happenings. After some deliberation, the two conclude that the strange presence in Chris's home could be a ghost. However, Chris soon realizes that the strange phenomena he is experiencing are in fact being caused by a masked intruder. The two soon find themselves involved with a cult-like organization known as the Order, which worships a tall, faceless being they call "Gorr' Rylaehotep as a god.

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