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Mentyphist123 Mentyphist123 25 June 2020

Bloody Artist

Bloody Artist is a new creepypasta character I have created. I'm not sure if here is the place I should be writing about it, but I hope people see this.

==  Summary== Bloody Artist is a female artist, who's real name is Sarah Lanez. She wonders though the woods, solo, and kills anything that gets boring to her, and she sometimes paints with other people's blood, as if it's no big deal. The police somehow haven't even found out about her killing everything she wants, even though one of the nearby policemen got stabbed, and died because of her. They didn't know it was her.

Sarah is a 12 year old, and she's a bit smaller than a normal 12 year old. She has super long brown/blonde straight hair, and it is a bit curly at the bottom, which goes dow…

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DJ10wiki DJ10wiki 22 May 2019

What do you guys think about me adopting the wiki?

Since this wiki is dying and the admins are dead I plan on reviving this wiki and fixing it up. I admin on two other wikis and am planning to get help from The Slender Man Wiki . What are your guy's thoughts?

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